ERP in Hong Kong

Electronic Road Pricing (“ERP”) is a traffic management tool to alleviate localised road traffic congestion. It has been successfully implemented in many countries including Italy (Milan), Republic of Malta (Valletta), Singapore, Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) and the United Kingdom (Durham and London).

ERP is based on the “user pays” principle. Motorists are only required to pay when they use roads within the charging area during the specified time. In general, ERP can bring about environmental, economic and social benefits to the community.

ERP Timeline ERP Timeline
1990s, 2000s
Past Studies in Hong Kong
Examined ERP transport planning,
charging philosophy, technology options
and public acceptability
Study on Road Traffic Congestion
in Hong Kong
Recommended to start planning for a
congestion charging pilot scheme in Central District
ERP Pilot Scheme in Central and its
Adjacent Areas – Public Engagement
Collected public views in taking forward
the planning of an ERP pilot scheme
in Central and its adjacent areas
ERP Pilot Scheme in Central and its
Adjacent Areas – Feasibility Study
To conduct stakeholder consultation
in the first half of 2019
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