Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in
Central Core District
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ERP in Hong Kong
Electronic Road Pricing (“ERP”) is a traffic management tool to alleviate localised road traffic congestion. It has been successfully implemented in many countries including Italy (Milan), Republic of Malta (Valletta), Singapore, Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) and the United Kingdom (Durham and London).

ERP is based on the “user pays” principle. Motorists are only required to pay when they use roads within the charging area during the specified time. In general, ERP can bring about environmental, economic and social benefits to the community.

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1990s, 2000s
Past Studies in Hong Kong
Examined ERP transport planning,
charging philosophy, technology options
and public acceptability

Study on Road Traffic Congestion
in Hong Kong
Recommended to start planning for a
congestion charging pilot scheme in Central District

2015 - 2017
ERP Pilot Scheme in Central and its
adjacent areas
Collected public views and carrying out
a feasibility study with a view to formulating
a detailed proposal

Smart Mobility – Intelligent Traffic Management
ERP Pilot Scheme in Central Core District
Frame the preliminary concept of pilot scheme for stakeholder consultation

ERP 360
(United Kingdom)
The Durham Road User Charge was the first congestion charge scheme introduced in the United Kingdom in 2002, before the London Congestion Charging Scheme, to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the Durham peninsula by encouraging ‘out-of-hours’ use of the area and creating safer and more attractive streets.

ERP 360
The Gothenburg Congestion Tax was introduced in 2013 with three objectives: managing road traffic congestion, financing transport infrastructure and services, and improving the environment.

ERP 360
(United Kingdom)
The London Congestion Charging Scheme was introduced in 2003 to reduce road traffic congestion within central London and to encourage motorists to use other modes of transport. The revenue was re-invested for improving London’s transport infrastructure and public transport.

ERP 360
The congestion charge in Milan was first introduced in Cerchia del Bastioni (historical center) in 2012 to reduce road traffic flow. The Scheme seeks to improve public transport networks, raise funds for soft mobility infrastructures and improve the quality of life by reducing traffic accidents, uncontrolled parking as well as noise and air pollutions.

ERP 360
The Singapore ERP Scheme (“Singapore Scheme”) was first introduced in 1998 and replaced manual Area Licensing Scheme for managing road traffic congestion. The Singapore Government is planning for a new ERP system for implementation in 2020.

ERP 360
The Stockholm Congestion Tax Scheme was introduced in 2007 to reduce road traffic congestion and improve the environment in central Stockholm.

ERP 360
(Republic of Malta)
The Valletta Controlled Vehicular Access system was introduced in 2007. The configuration of infrastructure takes into account the aesthetic preservation of the city.

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What’s New
Consultation with Central and Western District Council on 16 May 2019 on Smart Mobility - Intelligent Traffic Management Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central Core District

Smart Mobility – Intelligent Traffic Management Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central Core District

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